The body wore steel...No face. No fingerprints. Solving the man-in-the-can murder is the least of Sister Maris' troubles in "Cold Rolled Dead"




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*Finalist, Eric Hoffer Award

uthor Paul D'Ambrosio,
one of the nation's most honored investigative journalists, answers those questions in his first novel, Cold Rolled Dead.

For more than a quarter century, Paul has exposed crooked politicians and their inside deals. He has laid bare reckless military contractors and deadly doctors. And he has fought bureaucratic bungling, waste and government secrecy.

Paul has seen first hand how politics, greed and unbridled power can destroy entire communities.

That's a walk-in-the-park compared to what happens in
    Cold Rolled Dead.

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What critics and readers say about
Cold Rolled Dead:
"... a page-turner with hefty detail on police procedure ... and human nature at its darkest.... Author Paul D'Ambrosio has an ear for crime genre jargon: His dialogue among cops, lawyers, politicians and medical examiners often is terse, profane and with a touch of the wiseacre."
-- The Asbury Park Press
An "intense thriller... A perfect read on a hot summer day at the beach, one that may keep you awake far into the evening ..."
The Sandpaper
An "exciting first novel...(with a) narrative that makes The Godfather seem quaint and naive.... It will keep you in suspense and you'll be surprised at the twists and double-crossing, the blackmail and treachery that are at the heart of this novel."
-- The Beachcomber
"Exciting and full of twists like a great down-the-shore roller coaster. Villainous baddies (guys and gals!) you’ll love to hate. And Matt Forge: a flawed hero in a watertight plot."
-- Jean G., West Chester, PA
"Reminiscent of the dime store whodunit novel, but with a contemporary flair. This book has a vibrant cast of characters that makes for enjoyable reading. It has an original story line that kept my interest from start to finish.  
-- Gary D., Philadelphia